Vashon Fourth of July Pop-Up Car Parade

The Chamber of Commerce is organizing a way to connect during this decidedly unique season.   Starting at 10 AM, Vashon businesses and community groups will gather in decorated vehicles and caravan through island neighborhoods as a ‘Pop-Up Parade’.

The Chamber put it this way “Unlike past years, when our neighbors came to a parade, this year we’re bringing the parade to our neighbors. It’s a way to spread cheer and see the people we care about—all while protecting our community’s health and safety.”

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Cascadia Mega-Quake Threat: Even Larger than Previously Thought?

Feb 21

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2/21/2012 8:41 AM  RssIcon

The red dots represent aftershocks from the Japan quake, which roughly trace the area that shook hardest there. Superimposed on a map of the Northwest, the result shows where the strongest ground motion is likely to strike during the next quake on the Cascadia subduction zone, the underwater fault marked by the black line. The green line is the relative location of Japan's subduction zone.  Courtesy of the Nevada Seismological Laboratory, University of Nevada, RenoJapan’s Tohoku earthquake last year has provided valuable data that is altering scientists’ understanding of our local Cascadia earthquake potential. Geologists have documented some 22 megaquakes over the last 10,000 years - every 200 to 1,000 years, averaging some 500 years. The region’s last was on January 26, 1700.

This topic was explored last Sunday in Vancouver, BC in the “The Magnitude 9.0 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami: Significance for Japan and the World” symposium – part of the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Talks presented (see links for the abstracts) were:

Researchers suggested that a Cascadia megaquake (geographically very similar to the Japanese site) could result in stronger shaking than previously expected along the coasts of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.

Read a Seattle Times story on this at:

[Update: also check out this blog on a recent NBCMS story on the same topic.]

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