Current Volunteer Needs

Vashon Island was shepherded through the COVID-19 pandemic with the assistance of many island organizations and enormous amounts of time and money donated by hundreds of islanders. Preparedness is an ongoing process, and most of these groups will move on to getting ready for the next disaster, whether it may be an earthquake, storms and bad weather, or another pandemic. Getting involved is a great way to meet neighbors and be of use when things get difficult for our loved ones and community.

We always welcome longer-term volunteers who are willing to undertake training and help out through our various partners listed on the right/below. Details are below.

Volunteer to Support Your Island

Everyone can be a part of island disaster response

When the big one hits, will you be able to help? The island's many organizations offer opportunites to contribute to prepareness and emergency response in a variety of ways. The island in turn gets support from King County's Office of Emergency Management or Public Health — Seattle & King County.

As all-volunteer organizations, VashonBePrepared's partners are always looking to recruit volunteers for our island's CERT program, Emergency Operations Center, shelter/feeding, emergency communications and related functions. There is no paycheck, but the rewards are great for those willing to support their community and serve in a disaster situation. Be it earthquake, widespread fire, plane crash or severe storm, we need you to be part of the solution!

To get started as a volunteer, please fill out the form below. The more information you fill out about your background and interests, the more we can find a good spot for you.

Volunteers can chose one of our partners to volunteer with, though its easy to change as you learn more. Each partner has a volunteer program with specific goals and requirements. Learn about their mission, their volunteer programs, and which might be of most interest to you elsewhere on this page, or under the main Partner menu at the top of the page. 


First review the volunteer opportunities that our partners offer. Then fill out the form below to let us know: how to contact you, which team you'd like to help out with, and about your reasons for volunteering, and your skills and professional qualifications. Our partners should reply in a couple of days. Thank you!

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Volunteer Opportunities


Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS)

Vashon-Maury Island Radio Club is an active ham radio club serving Vashon-Maury island. Their members, with a bit of additional training, form the ranks of the local Auxiliary Communication Service (ACS).

Volunteer: In addition to other radio club activities, we often practice monthly with the EOC, CERT, MERT and other partners.

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Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The Vashon Emergency Operations Center (EOC) serves island residents before and during critical events as activated and directed by Vashon Fire in collaboration with King County's Office of Emergency Management. As a regional model, Vashon's EOC trains to the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and specifically the Incident Command System (ICS).

Volunteer: We generally train monthly and serve in Public Information, Operational, Planning, Logistical, Situational Awareness and Financial capacities. Shelter & feeding volunteers are especially needed to learn American Red Cross operational procedures.

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Citizen Emergency Response Organization (CERT)

The Vashon Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for local hazards and trains basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. The next basic course will start in January 2024.  For information, email

Volunteer: Equip yourself with skills to support your family, business or neighborhood, plus be a member of a light-duty response team to staff the island's satellite fire stations or other locations where trained citizens can be helpful to the Fire Dept, Sheriff or other official agencies leading disaster response.

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Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) & Community Care Team (CCT)

Vashon's Medical Reserve Corps provides public health, mental and medical care in disaster incidents.  We are organized using an ER team as a model - from initial encounter and triage, hands-on care and mental health support, to medication management. Our Community Care Team has specialized experience with mental health care.

Volunteer: Licensed medical personnel, counselors and chaplains, pharmacists, veterinarians, funeral home staff, administrative support staff, and others are needed for emergency medical & mental care in a disaster. Become a Medical Reserve Corps member, assuring proper liability coverage and pre-arranged authority to serve.

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Marine Emergency Response Organization (MERT)

Vashon’s Marine Emergency Response Team (MERT) are skippers and crew in the Quartermaster Yacht Club who help communicate with some 33 communities that are at risk for being cut-off from the rest of the island by a landslide or other incident.

Volunteer: Quartermaster Yacht Club members are needed to train on communication and coordination skills.

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Neighborhood Emergency Response Organization (NERO)

Neighborhood Emergency Response Organizations (NEROs) are informal groups of neighbors from five to fifteen homes, who organize to help each other in the hours and days after a minor storm or major earthquake.

Volunteer: Getting your own neighborhood started is as easy as arranging one gathering of neighbors. It's easy and rewarding to get to know your neighbors - which is the key activity of a NERO leader.  With few requirements, this is an easy way for everyone to participate in community resilience!

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Vashon Fire

King County Fire District 13 (Vashon Island Fire and Rescue) serves as the island's fire department. The Fire Chief runs disaster operations.

Volunteer: Vashon Fire regularly runs an active training program for aspiring fire-fighters and emergency medical technicians.

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Voice of Vashon

Voice of Vashon helps our Island neighbors create, produce and distribute locally oriented audio and video programming - and provides a communications lifeline in case of an Island emergency.

Volunteer: Join our vibrant team of creative, community engaged volunteers!

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