VashonBePrepared Governing Documents

There are a few documents that provide structure and guidance to the Board and members of VashonBePrepared. 

Mission Statement:

Vashon-Maury Island (the Island) may face natural or environmental disaster, terrorist attack, or public health emergency and, as an island normally reachable only by ferry, could be isolated from mainland emergency resources. In recognition of the need to prepare for, respond to, and recover from such disasters and emergencies, VashonBePrepared, among other matters:

  1. Motivates and educates individual citizens, households, businesses and neighborhoods to be as self-reliant as possible during a disaster through advance planning and preparation.
  2. Forms partnerships with Island institutions, agencies, businesses, and volunteer groups to help create a structure capable of responding to a disaster in aid of the Island-wide disaster plans and procedures and in conformance with the National Incident Management System.
  3. Develops and maintains Island-wide disaster plans and procedures in collaboration with Vashon Island Fire and Rescue (King County Fire District 13) for approval by the Vashon Island Emergency Management Area (VIEMA).
  4. Recruits, organizes, and trains volunteer staff for an Island Emergency Operations Center (the EOC Team) utilizing the principles of the National Incident Management System in collaboration with Vashon Island Fire and Rescue (King County Fire District 13).
  5. Raises and manages funds and property in support of all these organizational purposes.

Articles of Incorporation:

The Articles of Incorporation were required to become a legal corporation of the state of Washington and were filed with the state's Secretary of State Office in April 2007. Link to Articles of Incorporation


The Bylaws exist only to provide structure and guidance to VashonBePrepared's Board and membership. It does not have legal value, except to us - although it certainly conveys our mission and structure to others such as donors, foundations, other organizations and governmental agencies such as the IRS. Link to bylaws


Policies are Board adopted guidance that are simpler to modify than the more formal bylaws.
On July 25th, 2009 at a Board Meeting and Planning Retreat, the VashonBePrepared Board adopted three policies:

Procedures detail processes that are not voted on or approved, but used to explain our standard processes for doing something like finances, formulating a budget, etc. They can be modified by general agreement of those affected at any time.