VashonBePrepared Guiding Documents

There are a few documents that provide structure and guidance to the Board and members of VashonBePrepared. This explains their relationship and purpose.

The Articles of Incorporation were required to become a legal corporation of the state of Washington and were filed with the state's Secretary of State Office in April 2007.

The Bylaws exist only to provide structure and guidance to VashonBePrepared's Board and membership. It does not have legal value, except to us - although it certainly conveys our mission and structure to others such as donors, foundations, other organizations and governmental agencies such as the IRS.

Policies are Board adopted guidance that are simpler to modify than the more formal bylaws.

Procedures detail processes that are not voted on or approved, but used to explain our standard processes for doing something like finances, formulating a budget, etc. They can be modified by general agreement of those affected at any time.