Vashon COVID Archive Project

Vashon COVID-19 Archive Project

Please click this link or the form to the right to submit your COVID experience! (Submit up to 5 files of up to 100MB each with each submission.)

The Vashon COVID-19 Archive Project wants to hear from you.

We are all living through a historic event and we want to capture your stories, photographs, and experiences. Help capture this event as it unfolds. Each person's story adds a unique thread in recording this global event.

Future Islanders are going to want to know what happened during this pandemic. They're going to wonder how we coped with the suddenly empty roads, deserted Vashon Town, closed restaurants, and reduced ferry service. They'll want to know stories of personal consequences such as canceled graduations, postponed weddings, and school closures. They'll be curious about what we did during the Stay Home/Stay Healthy orders, and how we managed to come together to help one another.

History Being Made

You can play a part in documenting Vashon’s COVID-19 history for the future.

The Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Museum, along with VashonBePrepared and the Vashon Library, is collecting and preserving your stories and artifacts - cultural "data points" - to reveal how the history of this COVID-19 Pandemic connects us all. What we collect today will inform generations to come.

If you would like to contribute to the Vashon COVID-19 Archive Project, here are some ideas of what we're looking for...

  • Digital content, for example screen shots of COVID-19 related web pages, emails, memes on social media
  • Audio recordings
  • Videos (click here for an example)
  • Photos
  • Written anecdotes or observation
  • Anything related to the coronavirus pandemic and your experience that you think would be interesting to someone ten, twenty, or one hundred years from now

If you have questions, please email to which includes representatives from the Vashon Library, Vashon Heritage Museum and VashonBePrepared) and we will assist you. Volunteers looking to help out can simultaneously email that address and also

Vashon's COVID Timeline

The following is a new effort by Bruce Haulman, Mike Sudduth, Harry Gerecke & John Cornelison.

To navigate around the timeline, click on the large arrow on the right () to jump towards the more recent events. (Maybe we'll remove the initial 2007 era events?) Once in the right time period, you can drag the timeline around. On the left, you can also zoom in or out.


Vashon's COVID Timeline