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2012 Board of Directors Elected

Apr 19

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4/19/2012 5:53 AM  RssIcon

A new board was seated last night at VashonBePrepared’s Annual Meeting.

As set out in our bylaws, we have two classes of directors – ex-officio directors as set out by our bylaws – primarily the chief representatives of our partners – and those elected by the membership at our annual meeting: our at-large directors.

VashonBePrepared 2012 Board of Directors

John Cornelison (past Prez)
Donna Donnelly (at-large)
Synthia Downs (at-large)
Jill Janow (EOC Team)
Tim Johnson (at-large)
Hank Lipe (VIFR)
Daniel Luechtefeld (ARES)
John “Oz” Osborne (at-large)
Scott Rice (CERT)
Debi Richards (NERO)
Catherine Rogers (VEPC)
Bob Smueles (at-large)
Ed Steyh (EOC Team)
Rex Stratton (VIEMA)
Rick Wallace (EOC Team)

The new board then unanimously elected the following directors to the Executive Committee, that subset of the board that meets monthly and tends to the daily business of our corporation:

VashonBePrepared 2012 Executive Committee

Rick Wallace, President
Bob Smueles, Vice-President
Donna Donnelly, Treasurer
Debi Richards, At-large
Catherine Rogers, Secretary
Tim Johnson, At-large

Retiring directors

May Gerstle
Steve Snyder
Joe Ulatoski

Whom we thank for their years of service and their ongoing participation.

Congratulations to all!

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