Click on any image to hear
Jinna Risdal PhD., lead EOC Community Care Team and
Wren Hudgins PhD., Diaster Mental Health Instructor, American Red Cross
speak on different aspects of resiliency.

This island wide campaign aims to help all of us become stronger and more resilient to the stresses of the pandemic which ripple outwards into related personal crises such as unemployment, housing and food insecurity, racial justice, isolation, and political unrest. 

These stresses affect all of us, even those who think they aren’t affected. But there’s good news because we can take action to help ourselves.

Each week, VashonBePrepared is rolling out one specific strategy that can help.  In the videos below, nine strategies are discussed by Jinna Risdal and Wren Hudgins. Each is based on research, all utilized by the Washington Department of Health, the American Red Cross and Public Health – King County & Seattle. In addition to these weekly strength building strategies, we offer an array of ideas and resources that relate to and build on the weekly strategies.

Suggestions for Activities


Volunteer to help others - food bank, etc.
Hike on the many Vashon trails -
Labyrinth Walk - Episcopal Church, 15420 Vashon Highway SW
Take a walk at the Point Robinson Lighthouse or other island beaches.
Get out on the water - row or paddle.
Take a walk anywhere in nature and find something you have never found before
Garden - it's always a good time!
Put up a bird feeder and start to learn the birds.
Get a field guide and study something you don’t know - plants, trees, mushrooms
Talk with someone to share your perspective and hear theirs.
your photography skills.

Promote self reflection - meditate, do yoga, take a walk in solitude.
Review your history of coping with life changes.
Start a journal. Writing makes you organize your thoughts.
Read an author about self care (The How of Happiness - Sonja Lyubomirsky)
Take a bath/ essential oils.
Try writing poetry, a haiku perhaps.
Sketch, draw, paint - even it you aren’t good at it.
Spend time with your favorite music - playing it or listening to it.
Download a helpful app on your phone - relaxation, meditation, mindfulness.
Re-kindle interest in hobbies long abandoned.

Local Resources

Vashon CCT Help Line - (206) 701-0694
Extension 1 - Free mental health support during these isolating times
Extension 2 - Care of the Spirit Line: Connect with the spiritual group of your choice

Vashon Small Groups - (206) 701-0694 for more information
Join a small group for discussion and connection.

Vashon Bookshop - (206) 463-2616
Join or start a book club.

Vashon Athletic Club - (206) 463-5601

Vashon Theater - (206) 463-3232
Buy movie concessions and have a watch party w/ a friend

Vashon Library, Curbside to Go - (206) 463-2069
Invite a family member of a friend to read a book and discuss

Vashon Senior Center - (206) 463 5173 or
Check out their engaging events online.

Online Resources

Connect with free Red Cross classes on these strategies. or inquire at

Vashon Care of the Spirit Help Line - (206) 701-0694, ext 2
Connect with a spiritual group of your choice

Vashon Bookshop -
Order books online.  Join or start a book club.

Island Yoga Center -
Take a class online.

Vashon Recess Lab - www.striaghtonstrength and
Personal training and classes online for adults and climbing (in pods) for all ages.

Vashon Athletic Club -
Take a class online.

Vashon Senior Center -
Check out their engaging virtual events.

Zoom tutorial -
Learn to use this tool for connecting with others.

Vashon Youth and Family Services
Parenting Support Services.