For Our Mental Health

The Community Care Team wants you to know all the emotions that the Stay at Home and masking mandates bring up are real.  It is so natural for us as humans to want and need certainty. It is okay to ask for help!

Community Care Team (CCT)

In response to COVID-19, the Community Care Team brought together island mental health professionals and faith/spiritual leadership to create community resources. We provided a free confidential help line, staffed by volunteers:  trained and licensed mental health professionals and spiritual care providers.Read more>>

Care Of The Spirit Team (COST)

The Care Of The Spirit team (COST) is a new arm of the Community Care Team. The team is working with faith groups, poets, and others on this island to support the spiritual health of our community during this time of pandemic as well as for future disasters.Read more>>

Vashon Mental Health Resources

Vashon Youth and Family Services

Walk-in or call 206-463-5511
20110 Vashon Highway, Vashon, WA 98070

The mission of Vashon Youth and Family Services is to foster a thriving community of emotionally healthy and resilient children, youth, adults and families. In-person, tele-counseling, or video chat services available. Individual, youth, family counseling Mon-Thu 9:00am-8:00 pm, Fri 9:00am–7:00pm

After hours: calls will transfer to King County Crisis Connections at 866-427-4747. If a Vashon intervention is needed, they will contact VYFS Crisis Phone for on-call provider. More info at or email VYFS at

The DOVE Project

Call/text 206-462-0911 or 206-940-6430

Dignity, Opportunity, Voice, Empowerment. DOVE is a catalyst for social change fostering zero tolerance for interpersonal violence. We do this by providing individualized support to empower survivors and through cultivating focused prevention education that inspires community action. There are resources and advocacy for Vashon survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Crisis hotline staffed Mon-Sat from 9am-8pm. More info at or email DOVE at

Sea Mar Behavioral Health Services

Call 206-463-3671

Please contact Sea Mar to find out about available behavioral health services. 

Coping with COVID


Loneliness is a real concern right now. That makes it all the more important to connect with friends and loved ones — and those who might be especially isolated right now. Don’t cancel your book club. Do it over Zoom. Have Happy Hour with friends. Play a game on Zoom.

Practice kindness

Finding ways to help other people can make a huge difference in your outlook. Maybe it’s having your kids write thank you notes to healthcare workers, or paying household employees who can’t come to work, or checking in (safely) on an isolated neighbor. Not only are these good things to do — they also get you out of your own head.

Honor your feelings but don’t let them control you

Let’s accept it — this moment is very, very hard. Feeling sadness, fear, anxiety, anger, trauma, grief, loss or some evolving combination of these emotions, makes total sense.
“We’re all feeling anxious, it’s an appropriate reaction,” said Dr. Mark Levine, a psychiatrist who founded Community Psychiatry, which has 50 offices throughout California.
But while fearing a virus can help us protect ourselves, by prioritizing washing our hands and social distancing, for example, allowing that fear to foment negative, catastrophic thoughts can hurt us, and impact the way we view everything else.
These “negative thought loops” often are just versions of negative thoughts we’ve dealt with for our whole lives, but they can get magnified in moments of crisis or stress, Levine said.

Ask for help

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to navigate the tricky anxiety, depression, isolation and trauma by yourself. For those who have underlying mental health conditions, for those who have experienced past traumas, for people on the frontlines in medicine, and for people who are lonely, this moment can be especially tough.

Learn more coping ideas at Coping with COVID page.