Vashon Island Fire & Rescue, King County Fire District #13

While Vashon has a Sheriff's office, a library, schools, licensing office and court - we are unincorporated King County and Fire Chief Matt Vinci at King County Fire District 13 (Vashon Island Fire and Rescue) serves as the island's informal emergency manager and is formally in charge of disaster operations on the island in the event of a disaster - if Vashon is "separated" from King County during an event, as provided for by the VIEMA agreement.

Vashon Island's Fire Chief is hired and reports to the Fire Commissioners, who are elected by local islanders.

VashonBePrepared has no operational role during disasters, but works closely with these local fire professionals who provide support, structure and guidance on how best islanders can serve others during times of crisis.

Vashon Fire is also unique as one of the few Fire Districts offering training for fire fighting. To volunteer, please learn more by going to their site at:

Vashon Fire