Are you ready?

Who Ya Gonna Call

Having a common communication contact is one of the highest - but most frustrating - priorities after a disaster. Learn more key steps on VashonBePrepared's Family Preparedness page


No Help for 10 Days

VashonBePrepared's Checklists can help ensure you have what you need to weather 10 or more days on your own in a disaster.


Animal Help

Pets and Livestock rely on you - and especially so after a disaster. Having a plan need not be hard - and can give you considerable piece of mind after a disaster.


Go Kit Tips

It CAN be a Piece Of Cake - Learn more with VashonBePrepared's Go Kit Tips!


Who Ya Gonna Call



No Help for 10 Days



Animal Help



Piece Of Cake

Get Ready!

Are You Ready?

"Are you ready?" is VashonBePrepared's public education campaign, explaining Vashon's unique risks and informing both residents and businesses how to get prepared for those risks. (HINT: Those are also our major parts of this section of the website. Check them out for more specifics and details!)

Here we present the big picture and focus on different themes for steps you can take to safeguard yourself, your family, your home, your pets and Vashon's many organizations.


A lot depends on where you are when a disaster strikes. Since many of us spend more time at home than anywhere else, you may want to start there. A Family Plan for disaster should be a key part of any plan. Another good idea -- especially if you are a ferry commuter -- would be to have mobile supplies, what we call a "Go Kit" in your car.

Online Preparedness Resources:

Here are a few key helpful sites with disaster preparedness advice: