Joseph Ulatoski Volunteer Award


The VashonBePrepared Joseph Ulatoski Volunteer Award was established in 2012 to honor that exceptional VashonBePrepared volunteer who has made outstanding contributions to Vashon-Maury Island residents’ safety in the area of disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

This presidential award recognizes our key leaders whose accomplishments reflect the leadership and indefatigable efforts exemplified by Joseph R.Ulatoski, father of the modern Vashon disaster preparedness efforts.


1.     Awards Process – The Joseph Ulatoski Volunteer Award is bestowed solely at the pleasure of the VashonBePrepared President.

2.    Award Criteria

a.      Service –Awardees should have exhibited exceptional dedication and leadership while acting as a VashonBePrepared volunteer resulting in a major impact on island safety. They shall have contributed to furthering VashonBePrepared’s mission and acted without significant remuneration.

b.     Leadership– Awardees should have led a team of volunteers with a transformative impact: recruiting, encouraging and motivating other volunteers; and significantly altering the organization’s procedures and structure.The awardee should have a solid record of quality contributions as recognized by their peers.

c.      Community– Awardees’ positive influence should have reached not only the Vashon community but ideally to our regional partners. Their actions should have impacted the public’s safety and community’s resiliency in at least one of the four phases of disaster management: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

d.     No Conflict of Interest – Awardee should not be on the VashonBePrepared Board of Directors - although it is fine if they are retiring from that position. The volunteer may still be active in other ways however.

3.    The award is not conferred annually – This award does not happen on any schedule and is intended as a rare honor.

4.    Nomination process – There is no formal nomination process. Nominations may optionally be made by submitting a letter of recommendation to the current VashonBePrepared President.

Background Information

Past Recipients

November 7, 2018

John Galus
Robert Smueles
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