Vashon Island Emergency Management Area Planning Committee Bylaws

VIEMA Bylaws

Here are the initial sections of the bylaws which provide a useful definition of the purpose and membership of VIEMA:

1. Name: The name of the group shall be the Vashon Island Emergency Management Area Planning Committee (hereinafter referred to as VIEMA).

2. Purpose: The purpose of VIEMA, as expressed in the VIEMA Inter-local Agreement and as approved by the King County Council and signed by the King County Executive, shall be to:

“Provide the legal framework for those public sector organizations to provide a short-term emergency response following a catastrophic disaster event that results in the inability of King County Government to provide emergency management, roads, and law enforcement services to Vashon Island. Short term emergency response will include the activation and operation and activation of the community Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and activation of the community Emergency Management Plan (EMP).”

Inherent in the purpose is the responsibility to expedite the planning, coordination and facilitation of an emergency response as well as a defined incident command structure. The VIEMA also responsible for annual review, updating and approval of the Vashon Island EMP.


4. Membership: The VIEMA shall be composed of elected officials or specifically designated representatives, from the following listed organizations:

A. Vashon School District
B. Vashon Water District #19
C. Vashon Fire District #13
D. King County Sheriff’s Office*
E. King County Department of Transportation*

Representatives of organizations other than those marked by an asterisk must be designated in writing.

Download the 31 January 2007 DRAFT revisions to the VIEMA Bylaws. (Anyone with the currently valid bylaws, along with any record of their revision should send this to John.)