VashonBePrepared COVID Response

VashonBePrepared partners are all activated and working hard to help the Vashon community. We are also working with many community organizations and businesses.

Most of our efforts are being coordinated and led by our Vashon Emergency Operations Center, using the nationally standard Incident Command System (ICS).

Our objectives are set on a weekly basis and approved by the Incident Commander, Vashon Fire Chief Krimmert. As of the week of 13 April our goals are:

  1. Support Our Island Healthcare
    Support island residents' medical and behavioral health by preparing to deal with an potential surge of COVID-19 cases and the related behavioral issues. Lead: Medical Service Branch
  2. Support Our Neighbors
    Prepare for a potential surge needing additional support for island households, neighborhoods and medically directed or otherwise isolated individuals. Lead: Community Support Branch
  3. Support Our Businesses
    Assist all island businesses in their efforts to survive & recover from the pandemic’s economic impacts. Lead: Business Support Branch
  4. Support Our Unemployed Workers
    Help the pandemic’s economic victims access assistance programs. Lead: Unemployed Workers Support Branch
  5. Keep Our Community Informed
    Deliver accurate public information to island individuals and organizations, especially including information from Vashon EOC’s Sections and Branches. Lead: Public Information Unit
  6. Engage Islanders to Participate
    Conduct community group briefings, recruit volunteers and raise funds to support efforts of partner groups to aid island residents, businesses and nonprofits. Lead: Public Engagement Branch
  7. Operate Emergency Operations Center
    Operate Plans, Logistics, Situation and Finance/Administration Sections as provided in Incident Command System to support the community assistance efforts. Lead: EOC Manager

See our regular Situation Reports and the pages of resources from these dedicated teams of volunteers in the sub-pages, as listed on the right.


Vashon EOC's Organization Chart

Our organization chart gets continually updated, but this gives you a feel for how we are organized. We adhere to the national standard for this, the Incident Command System. Click for a larger version.