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The latest information from the Vashon EOC (and our alternative distribution points) are available on our news page.

To Report an Incident or Request Help

Call 911 on a telephone


Reach Vashon Island Fire & Rescue (VIFR)
10020 Southwest Bank Road
Vashon, WA 98070-4646

In a true disaster, Vashon's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) may become active. Contact the Vashon EOC using the above contact info, using extension 404 after hours.

Depending on how wide-spread an event is, you may also be able to reach help at your local fire station. Please note that these are natural rallying points, but are not guarenteed to be active or staffed.

Local VIFR fire stations on Vashon-Maury Island

VIFR Stations                      Address                                 
Vashon, Station 55           10020 SW Bank Rd.
Burton, Station 56             10330 SW Burton Dr
Dockton, Station 58          26316 99th Ave SW
North End, Station 59      11983 Vashon Hwy SW


If you have a FRS/GMRS radio, it is suggested that you use channel 2 (with privacy codes off) to communicate with other islanders. Be aware that GMRS (and more so, FRS) have a very limited range of ~1-4 miles (outdoors, with a clear line of sight to the recieving station) or much less depending on many factors.

In true emergencies, anyone (with the proper radios) can communicate with the local active ARES group (organized as part of the VMIRC) and the Vashon EOC over these frequencies:

  • W7VMI repeater - 443.5 MHz (+5 MHz, 103.5 Hz tone)
  • ARES Simplex - 147.52 MHz
  • ARES Backup Simplex - 146.50 MHz

Contact VashonBePrepared

VashonBePrepared is Vashon's disaster preparedness coalition, operated by many volunteers as a very lean layer of communication and coordination embracing our various partner organizations. Depending on your interest, please contact the organization or person below to best respond to your questions:

If you would like to reach one of our partner organizations, please see our Partners page.

To organize a neighborhood, or organization: Read Neighborhood Emergency Response Organization (NERO), or the Business Neighborhood Emergency Response Organization (BNERO), then contact NERO lead Vicky de Monterey Richoux: (
To volunteer: Read our Helping Out page, then contact our volunteer team (
Public Information: Mary Rabourn (
Emergency Sheltering: Kim Nelson ()
Website & Software: John Cornelison (

For telephone inquiries please contact VIFR at (206) 463-2405.

Mailing Address

Please note that our mail box is only checked every few weeks.

P.O. Box 2840
Vashon, WA 98070-2840