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Vashon’s COVID response & recovery efforts moved to standby/monitoring mode at the end of June 2021. See the info cards below for current, accurate pandemic information. (Older, outdated content has been moved to Old Home page and Old Resource Center if you need.)

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COVID Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccinations are available free on the island at Vashon Pharmacy and Sea Mar at Sunrise Ridge, as well as other locations off-island.

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COVID-19 testing is available on and off of Vashon for people with symptoms or exposures, or if testing is needed for jobs or travel.

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Current information about the pandemic, including data dashboards, vaccine resources, and much more, is available here via links to the King and Pierce Counties and Washington State public health departments, the CDC website and more.

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Resources Available

Resources are available for the Vashon community and businesses still affected by the pandemic. Several local organizations and the Chamber of Commerce can help.

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View every Situation Report from the COVID-19 emergency activation, along with images, an archive history timeline and some writings inspired by the moment.

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Sign up for a variety of alert services, including Voice Of Vashon's, and other sources of reliable information.

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Does your family & business have a communications plan? That is just one of a number of easy steps to enhance your safety & preparedness for any incident. Learn more by looking at our preparation information.

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VashonBePrepared is a coalition of some 10 disaster preparedness organizations on Vashon-Maury Island in Washington's Puget Sound region. Incorporated in 2007 we now work closely under Vashon Fire, King County of Emergency Management and support our partners' nearly 400 active volunteers.

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VashonBePrepared provides training and educational opportunities to keep the island community prepared for the next emergency. See opportunities to get involved or donate.

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FEMA P-811: Earthquake Publications for Businesses (QuakeSmart Toolkit)–Just Released!

Jan 5

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1/5/2012 8:18 AM  RssIcon

qslogo2VashonBePrepared has been working with the Debi Richards and the Vashon Chamber of Commerce and a large number of local businesses this fall to promote business disaster preparedness. A useful new national program has just been announced that promises to provide some great guidance for all of us. The big aim:

  1. Identify your risk
  2. Make a mitigation project plan
  3. Implement techniques for ensuring and enhancing business resilience

What a great new goal for Vashon businesses in 2012!

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) has just released the FEMA P-811 CD:  Earthquake Publications for Businesses (QuakeSmart Toolkit)

Calexico, CA, April 7, 2010—A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck this market leaving a trail of broken merchandise and products throughout the store. Had the store taken proper mitigation steps such as using straps to keep products in place, damages would have been minimized (Photo by Adam DuBrowa/FEMA).Thousands of earthquakes occur in the United States each year; most are too small to significantly affect businesses and communities. However, large and very damaging earthquakes have occurred in the past and could happen again at anytime.  In general, many businesses have invested in emergency management and continuity of operations planning. However, most businesses have not conducted earthquake mitigation measures to protect their assets, staff, and business operations. During an earthquake, buildings—or their components or contents—can be collapsed, toppled, broken apart, tossed around, or rendered inoperable or unusable.

Therefore, as part of addressing all-hazards emergency management, it is critical for businesses to also incorporate actionable earthquake mitigation solutions into their planning and business decisions.  By doing so, businesses protect the organization’s assets (people, property, operations); sustain the capability to provide goods and/or services to the community; maintain cash flow; preserve competitive advantage and reputation; and provide the ability to meet legal, regulatory, financial and contractual obligations.

This QuakeSmart Toolkit (FEMA P-811CD) provides business owners, managers, and employees with basic guidance and ready-to-use tools that can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the user. The guidance and tools focus on the importance of earthquake mitigation and the simple things they can do to reduce the potential of earthquake damages, injuries, and financial losses at work…AND also at home and within their communities.

Thanks to our contributors and subject matter experts for their forthcoming support in developing this QuakeSmart Toolkit!  It walks you through the following 3-step QuakeSmart process: 

  1. How to identify your risk
  2. How to make a mitigation project plan
  3. How to take action and implement the techniques for ensuring and enhancing business resilience from an earthquake

To immediately view or download the QuakeSmart Toolkit (FEMA P-811CD), visit

To order CD copies of the QuakeSmart Toolkit from the FEMA Publications Warehouse, call (800) 480-2520 or fax your request to (240) 699-0525. 

To download other FEMA Earthquake guidance and materials, visit

Thank you for your continued interest and support.  Please feel free to share this message with others.