Training Calendar for CERT Team

·       Current active team members must attend at least 4 trainings per year (their choice of any topics)

·       New grads must also take the five mandatory classes to be fully qualified and earn their green sweatshirt (Radio 101, Maps/addressing, CERT CP's and participate in ONE of the field exercises, and the class on CERT protocols, safety & teamwork).

·       Training and study that active team members should do on their own includes:  ICS 100 & 700; driving the 6 Island Assessment routes and learning the critical locations; driving the island in general to learn roads and neighborhoods, walking parks and wildland area trails, attend KCSARA trainings and/or take classes on-line.


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Participant Prep


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VashonBePrepared Partners Combined Calendar

Although each organization maintains their own calendars, they all are rolled up into a master calendar, so cross-citizens (those heroes volunteering in multiple organizations) can see all events -- and avoid schedule conflicts for new events.

Calendars have various views: weekly, monthly, and listing of upcoming events. Select what works best for you! Also know that you can go to each partner's calendar page -- if that works better for you:

W7VMI maintains its own, independent calendar. If you use an iCal compliment calendar you can access this at: