Vashon Emergency Preparedness Committee

Vashon Emergency Preparedness CommitteeVashon Emergency Preparedness Committee (VEPC) is the loosely organized organization that handles food and shelter ooperations for Vashon. Predating VashonBePrepared, they are in close communication with the Red Cross of Seattle and King County. The group maintains a 24 hour pager to respond to emergencies, coordinates maintenance and trainging for VIFR's DERT Trailer, several shipping containers of sheltering supplies at the the high school.

Organizational structure: (none)

ESF Responsibilities: ESF-8 Mass Care

Web SIte:

Meetings: ?

Affiliations: Vashon EOC Team; Red Cross of Seattle and King County

Contact: Catherine Rogers

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John Cornelison created the event MRC Steering Committee


John Cornelison created the event MRC Steering Committee


John Cornelison created the event Intro to Incident Command System

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May the 4th be with you - announcing the new DNN Blog App

Again on international Star Wars day we are presenting a big leap in DNN functionality: The Blog App. It's simple, elegant, and can be customized to be anything you want.

Read more about this in the public blog posting, which will also include a getting started video and more.

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