MERT - Marine Emergency Response Team

Vashon’s Marine Emergency Response Team (MERT) is a cooperative project between VashonBePrepared and the Quartermaster Yacht Club. MERT was formed to solve a particular island problem. Map analysis shows there are 33 waterfront communities around Vashon and Maury islands which are accessed by only one road and that road passes through land King County has designated as likely to slide in a large earthquake.

Comprised of nine yachts with skipper and crew, the boats have been training to help Vashon's Emergency Operations Center by visiting via water any cut-off communities. Once ashore, MERT can help assess injuries, damage, and community needs. MERT can also help establish communication between the community and the Incident Command Center. If needed MERT can transport supplies and move people.

Contact Jim Hauser (jameswhauser1943 - at - to learn more or get involved!

Vashon & Maury Island Slide Prone Regions Accessible Via One Road

Slide Prone Areas on Vashon