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Information you can use to get ready!
By EAD on 12/5/2012 6:56 PM
The Emergency Operations Center wants you!  What is that and why do they want me, you ask?  Scenario: So, the big one hits - but you and your family were ready.  You have enough food and water for yourselves and your animals to last easily for 10 days and you've called your designated out-of-state contact and let them know you and your family are okay.  Your house is strapped to its foundation and your water heater and shelves are still securely bracketed to the walls and clean up is a breeze.  You've still got major adrenilin in your system and you're looking around at the homes of friends and neighbors and realizing that there is a mountain of work to do to get the island back on its feet - and you are ready!   

Vashon's EOC will need many volunteers to help run every aspect of island recovery from the moment a major event occurs until every member of our island family has food, clothing and permanent shelter.

So, what can you do? Start with what you are good at! If you are well prepared for a disaster then you are good at planning.  You can join the Planning Team and help bring everything that islanders will need here and have it ready to support this community.


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