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Don't wait - communicate! September is National Preparedness Month

Sep 1

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9/1/2015 9:31 AM  RssIcon

September is here, it's back to school time, the leaves are turning.. we've even had a bit of rain! The summer is drawing to a close, and I'm quietly glad, because I prefer the cool of autumn. As we shift our routines to the new season, it's a great time for procrastinators (we know who we are) to take those first steps toward household and neighborhood preparedness.

The government has chosen September as National Preparedness Month.  Personally I think every month is Preparedness Month, but maybe that's just me :)  

I like to keep the bar very low, and jump it joyfully. For instance, next time I'm chatting with my best pal back east, I'll remind her that I'm sharing her contact info with my west coast family, for the purpose of sharing our statuses after an earthquake or major storm. Boom - communication plan started!

On the grocery list this week, I'll add a few cans of fruits and vegetables, or beans or chili or stew. Presto - food cache increased and updated.

When I clean the sandals and sunhats out of the front hall closet to make room for the muck boots and parkas, I'll also empty the water jugs I keep in there. I can dump them onto the last of the garden veggies, and refill them with fresh water, putting today's date on the jugs with a piece of masking tape. Just like that, my water stores are a bit newer and tastier. 

Making preparedness part of the routine is the easiest way I've found to be readier for whatever comes. I also like asking friends about their own plans - where do you store your water? Do you prefer liquid household bleach, or those fancy tablets you can get at REI? Do you really think you're ever going to want to eat that 5-year old ramen in your quake kit?

In the wake of July's New Yorker article,  The Really Big One (and the followup article, How To Stay Safe When the Big One Comes),  Rick Wallace (VashonBePrepared's president) and I were invited by Susan McCabe to be guests on her show Island Crossroads, to talk about the risks of a major quake, and how we on Vashon can better prepare our households and neighborhoods. The live show was recorded and is available to stream on demand here:

Thanks for reading this blog, preparing your household, and organizing your neighborhood!

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