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VashonBePrepared is a coalition of some 10 disaster preparedness organizations on Vashon-Maury Island in Washington's Puget Sound region. We work closely with local and county organizations.

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Could Oso Happen on Vashon?

Oct 22

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VashonBePrepared Convenes Community Meeting on Landslide Risk

29Oct2014_AnnualMtg.1826x1200VashonBePrepared invites the entire community to learn more about landslide risks on Vashon, a risk that ranks in the top three for the Island, right up there along with earthquake and severe weather. The informational meeting, which will include a question and answer session, will take place on Wednesday, October 29th, at McMurray school. Doors will open at 6:30pm for pre-meeting chat and the program will begin at 7:00pm sharp.

The evening's program will break the landslide risk down into four questions. Why does the risk matter? What are the risks on Vashon? What can we each do about it at our homes? And, finally, what have our disaster preparedness organizations been doing to be ready if it happens?

The lead off speakers will be Seri Ann Shaw and her parents who, fortunately, were not at their cabin when thousands of tons of boulders and mud wiped out the Steelhead Haven neighborhood at Oso last year. Through the Web and public appearances and a poignant song written by Seri they have been helping people think about the effects of sudden disaster.

King County geologist Dr. Greg Wessel will report to the community on the results of a Hazard Mapping Study funded by the King County Flood Control District. He and a team of two other King County geologists have been conducting this study which shows potential landslide hazards.

Disaster prevention and recovery expert Shelby Edwards will provide basic tips on what to look for as clues for landslide risk in your neighborhood and, even though a landslide seems unstoppable, what you can do now to help keep your family safer.

Vashon Island Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief George Brown will report on steps under way now by VIFR and its community partners to prepare for the potential of a major landslide on Vashon.

The meeting will include a report on VashonBePrepared's accomplishments for the last year and the announcement of next year's Board and Officers. VashonBePrepared is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit coalition of community agencies, groups and individuals that work together to help Islanders prepare for disaster.

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