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  • Fire Extinguishers Make Your Home Safer
  • Are You “Ready” for Sumconmer?
  • Bird Flu and You: What to Know and What to Do
  • Los Extinguidores de Incendios hacen su Hogar más Seguro
  • ¿Está Usted ‘Listo’ para el Verano?
  • La Gripe Aviar y Usted: Que hay que Saber y que hay que Hacer

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VashonBePrepared is a coalition of some 10 disaster preparedness organizations on Vashon-Maury Island in Washington's Puget Sound region. We work closely with local and county organizations.

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VashonBePrepared provides training and educational opportunities to keep the island community prepared for the next emergency.

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Community Leaders Contribute to October 19th VashonBePrepared Summit Meeting

Oct 18

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VashonBePrepared_433x80transSaturday VashonBePrepared will hold it’s annual membership meeting, open to the public, from 8:30 am – noon at Chautauqua Elementary School.


  1. Develop a consensus among the community leaders on:
    1. What the Island community needs to survive and recover from an incident that would impact the entire community, and
    2. How best to meet those needs.
  2. This will be followed by the requisite VashonBePrepared annual community meeting to review accomplishments of the year, finances, and elect the new year’s board and officers.


  1. Introductions and welcoming remarks
  2. Discussion of how VashonBePrepared can add value to the process of identifying and meeting the Island highest priority needs.
  3. Overview of brainstorming process to be used to identify community needs and how to meet those needs.
  4. Brainstorming to identify community needs.
  5. Brainstorming to identify how best to meet those needs.
  6. Discussion of required follow-on activity, including discussion of VashonBePrepared assisted grant writing and grant application.
  7. Annual VashonBePrepared Community Meeting
    1. Accomplishments and initiatives since last community meeting
    2. Financial review
    3. Nomination and Election of new officers (new officers take office at the next board meeting)
    4. Action Item Review
    5. Close of meeting

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