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Learn about the many ways you can prepare for disasters at home or at your business.

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VashonBePrepared is a coalition of some 10 disaster preparedness organizations on Vashon-Maury Island in Washington's Puget Sound region. We work closely with local and county organizations.

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VashonBePrepared provides training and educational opportunities to keep the island community prepared for the next emergency.

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Scare Tactics #428: Stockpile of Global Disaster Pictures

Mar 24

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3/24/2012 10:53 AM  RssIcon

Just another scarey photo - or an incentive for preparation?Some of our descriptions of potential disasters that might befall the Puget Sound region - and Vashon in particular - might sound a lot like crying “Wolf” to some. But there is a very serious reality out there, even if most of us haven’t been exposed to it in our brief lives here on earth.

Here's a tree bisected by a fault!The inspiration for this post is actually a treasure of images from around the world - of disasters. Maintained by NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center, the Natural Hazards Image Database is a wealth of images we can use to learn from – and use to educate others about. Just another slew of scary photos - or are they incentives for individual preparation?

At VashonBePrepared, we’re volunteers, not experts (though we have some experts coming!) at predicting the probabilities and real risks of these predicted disasters. We can point out and assemble some information on their effects, predictions from others, and point out tips for preparation. This way you can build a better picture (pun intended) of the true risks, and decide for your family and housing site what makes sense for you in terms of preparation.

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