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Vashon’s COVID response & recovery efforts moved to standby/monitoring mode at the end of June. See the info cards below for current, accurate pandemic information. (Older, outdated content has been moved to Old Home page and Old Resource Center if you need.)

Friday, January 21:  VashonBePrepared COVID Update (web link • newsletter version):

  • Get Free Home Test Kits: Federal Direct or Cost-Covered by Insurance • MRC Appeals for Community Contact Tracing Help
  • Tracing Important for the School/Community Infection Connection • Vaccination for 12+ Youth at School: Thursday, January 27th
  • Island Clinics Swamped by Seasonal Respiratory Ailments • Reminder: Up Your Mask • Latest Vashon COVID Statistics
  • Obtengan pruebas caseras gratis • El MRC solicita ayuda de la comunidad para el rastreo de casos
  • El rastreo es importante para la conexión de infecciones entre la escuela/comunidad
  • Les recordamos usar el cubreboca que más protege • Últimas estadísticas en Vashon

Updated testing info available here - testing for travel & procedures is now available at Vashon Pharmacy

Access the latest COVID information (including the following), as a PDF: Vashon COVID Guide

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COVID Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccinations are available free on the island at Vashon Pharmacy and Sea Mar at Sunrise Ridge, as well as other locations off-island.

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COVID-19 testing is available on and off of Vashon for people with symptoms or exposures, or if testing is needed for jobs or travel.

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Current information about the pandemic, including data dashboards, vaccine resources, and much more, is available here via links to the King and Pierce Counties and Washington State public health departments, the CDC website and more.

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Resources Available

Resources are available for the Vashon community and businesses still affected by the pandemic. Several local organizations and the Chamber of Commerce can help.

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View every Situation Report from the COVID-19 emergency activation, along with images, an archive history timeline and some writings inspired by the moment.

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Sign up for a variety of alert services, including Voice Of Vashon's, and other sources of reliable information.

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Does your family & business have a communications plan? That is just one of a number of easy steps to enhance your safety & preparedness for any incident. Learn more by looking at our preparation information.

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VashonBePrepared is a coalition of some 10 disaster preparedness organizations on Vashon-Maury Island in Washington's Puget Sound region. Incorporated in 2007 we now work closely under Vashon Fire, King County of Emergency Management and support our partners' nearly 400 active volunteers.

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VashonBePrepared provides training and educational opportunities to keep the island community prepared for the next emergency. See opportunities to get involved or donate.

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National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) up for renewal via Senate Bill 646 & H.R. 1379: Voice your Position!

Jun 10

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6/10/2011 9:59 AM  RssIcon

NEHRP Impact on the Built Environment - FEMA P749There are many federal entities that sponsor research, but a very few like the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) which provides a critical link between important research findings and practical application. For us in Washington—the second highest earthquake risk state in the country—putting good research to use is of the utmost importance. I asked EMD’s Earthquake Program Manager John Schelling say more about this great program, below.
—Jim Mullen, director, Washington State Emergency Management

It’s not hard to see that our homes, our offices, our schools, and our overall communities are safer and more resistant to earthquake damage, thanks to NEHRP-sponsored research. Here are recent examples of Washington EMD initiative have been enhanced by NEHRP’s umbrella assistance:
• Washington EMD has partnered with the federal and state agencies to develop 20 earthquake scenarios that will examine community vulnerability to faults throughout the state. This work will be incorporated into state and local mitigation and response plans, help drive exercises, and facilitate a better response when an earthquake occurs.
• The Washington State Seismic Safety Committee is developing policy recommendations through a project entitled “The Resilient Washington State Initiative.” The RWS project examines our current capacity for resilience to damaging earthquakes and seeks to identify what gaps may exist. The Committee hopes this effort will provide a lasting foundation for future seismic policy to concretely address identified shortfalls in Washington State.
• Demonstrating the true value of public-private partnerships, the Structural Engineering Association of Washington is assisting with a pilot project to systematically evaluate and establish the seismic risk for all public school buildings in the cities of Aberdeen and Walla Walla. The pilot will develop a methodology for prioritizing schools across the state that need seismic retrofitting and permit a strategic, targeted approach for providing a safe learning environment for Washington state’s most precious assets, our kids. Carrying out the project is a volunteer team led by Degenkolb Engineers CEO, Mr. Stacy Bartoletti, along with staff from the Washington Department of Natural Resources, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and EMD.

NEHRP is “up for renewal.” On May 5, the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee approved an amended version of Senate Bill 646, which would reauthorize the NEHRP. It’s likely the House will soon begin to address this important piece of legislation through H.R. 1379.

I hope you will take a moment to let our congressional delegation know about the value of NEHRP to Washington state. I am genuinely hopeful that the reauthorization of NEHRP will be accomplished and our nation, state and local communities will continue to be better prepared and able to bounce forward when the time comes.

- John Schelling, Earthquake Program Manager, Washington State Emergency Management

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List of Federal and State Politicians for Vashon:

Some Earthquake probability data for Vashon:

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