A Little Emergency Advice...from Your Dogs

Hi. We’re your dogs. Everybody knows, we’re your best friends and all that. So, what’s up with pretending there’ll never be an emergency on Vashon? You can’t put off Mother Nature. But you just sit there, rubbing my tummy....oooh... aaah, nice. Uh... ahem...just sit there, rubbing my tummy... and doing nothing about taking care of our family in emergencies.

Look. Just don’t bother preparing for emergencies if you are so clueless that you think....

Emergency Suggestions for Dogs


...You have a really good begging act. King County says it might be two weeks before they get to our little island in a big disaster. So, if you don’t plan to have an emergency food supply for you and us, we better practice begging. That way when the food relief trucks arrive, we can stand in line, paws and hands under chin, and make big, sad eyes... all of us.

1st Aid

...We’ll never get hurt. Good luck with that. Get a basic first aid kit or especially a veterinary med kit for all us furry family members.We’re family, right? All it takes is stepping on a little broken glass as we’re trying to alert you to danger. So take care of all of us.


...You have one of those magic water wells. With magic water lines that never break. And a magic well pump that runs forever without electricity. Store some water for drinking and washing up. And learn how to treat water to make it safe. Or maybe you won’t mind us drinking from the same mud puddle as raccoons and other critters, a recipe for getting very, very sick.


...You can convince the person who finds me that I’m really yours. Uhhuh. I’m worse than the cat and I’ll make kissy face with a serial murderer if treats are involved. A chip, collar with I.D., and a picture of you with me will help.

Go Kit

...I packed my own emergency “Go Kit.” Right. All dogs pack go kits. Sure. Just think about the last time we packed. You ran around looking for a suitcase or backpack. Stuffed it with food, water, bowls, sanitary supplies, medication, toys, dog treats, etc. And you forgot my blankie. Duh.


...I’ll forgive you for not having spare meds and records. We need our meds, too. So, be sure to have spares in the go kit. Plus, you can’t even remember your PIN number, much less our medical history, so keep a copy in the go kit with the spare meds.


...I’ll stay when you tell me“stay.” Of course you like chasing us. You look adorable playing “chase the doggie.”Unless you have something better to do like get out of town when the emergency strikes. For that you need a leash, collar and muzzle. In a pinch, strips froma nice soft T-shirt make a great muzzle.


...You think I like being locked in the car while you’re at the shelter. Having an animal carrier could make the difference between keeping us safe or us eating the upholstery in your car or truck. Think of your animal carrier as an investment in future sanity...ours and yours.