Neighborhood Emergency Response Organization (NERO)

NERO - Neighborhood Emergency Response OrganizationNeighborhood Emergency Response Organizations (NEROs) are informal groupings of neighbors located in homogeneous clusters of up to, depending on proximity and topography, 20 houses. A NERO is formed for the specific purpose of assisting residents of a given neighborhood to help reach each other in an organized manner should a catastrophic disaster, such as an earthquake, occur.

NERO - Neighborhood Emergency Response OrganizationEach NERO usually prepares an informal plan to ensure everyone in a designated neighborhood is checked on in the aftermath of a disaster and to survey the neighborhood for obvious problem areas, e.g., actual or possible personnel injuries, fires, apparent structural damage, damage to neighborhood roads, downed power-lines, etc. The plan should also provide reporting and follow-on procedures. For example, when residents finish the NERO - Neighborhood Emergency Response Organizationsurvey of their immediate area, they report the results to a locally selected coordinator who compiles the information and reports it to the nearest functioning fire station - or the Vashon Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at VIFR Station 55 on Bank Road.

[Depending on the severity of the situation, availability of volunteers/professionals, and time since the initial situation, a variety of folks might be found at the 5 regional fire stations.

- Firefighters
- CERT Command Post|
- Local Area Coordination Center (LACC)

The NERO report is then relayed to the Vashon Emergency Operation Center (EOC) for appropriate action. Once the a local NERO coordinator has submitted a report, that NERO's task is finished unless further assistance and/or information is requested by the supporting CERT, LACC or professionals responding to any neighborhood needs.

NERO - Neighborhood Emergency Response OrganizationNERO - Neighborhood Emergency Response OrganizationNERO members are requested not to attempt to render any first aid, fire-fighting or search and rescue assistance unless they are specifically qualified to do so.

To learn more or request a free, personalized welcome to your NERO Group, please contact: the NERO Coordinator (Vicky de Monterey Richoux) at <NERO (at)>