Vashon’s Emergency Operations Team meets the 1st Wednesday at 7 PM each month (except December) at the east side of the main fire station. Maybe 20 people show up – experienced and novice alike. That is a great way to gauge what Vashon's key disaster representatives are up to and meet many of the key teams and volunteers. The team operates under the aegis of VIFR, but is 'housed' within VashonBePrepared.

Public Information Team

Contact: Jill Janow 

Public Information Scope of Work

  • Coordinate with and support EOC public information efforts (Incident Commander, fire department, sheriff's department, Red Cross, utilities)
  • Gather accurate information from the Incident Commander and each EOC team function
  • Disseminate accurate information to the community and the media in every way possible

Examples of Public Information Situations

  • Calming/informing panicked citizen
  • Directing confused responder
  • Fielding calls from insistent/misguided volunteers
  • Dealing with aggressive reporters
  • Disseminating relief/warning information (water, shelter, food, roads, dangers)
  • Asking for donations (or discouraging inappropriate donations)