VashonBePrepared Spokesperson Policy

Spokesperson Policy

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The purpose of this policy is to establish the authority for who can officially speak on behalf of the VashonBePrepared organization with guidelines for doing so, as granted by the VashonBePrepared Board of Directors.



VashonBePrepared Executive Committee members may officially speak of behalf of the organization without prior approval when their message is consistent with the Bylaws and relevant to the mission of VashonBePrepared. The Executive Committee may designate a spokesperson for VashonBePrepared.

Official written communications going out under the VashonBePrepared name must be approved by a member of the Executive Committee prior to release. Publications should be reviewed and proofread prior to release by an experienced editor to catch grammatical errors that could reflect poorly on the organization. Final copies of official documents will be forwarded to the VashonBePrepared Secretary for archiving

VashonBePrepared’s name does not include any spaces and should not be shortened into an acronym. To protect the VashonBePrepared brand, image and reputation, the VashonBePrepared logo may only be used:

·        Without alteration, as shown above, and

·        Where the communication is from VashonBePrepared, as described above, or

·        When approved by a member of the Executive Committee, for event sponsorship or to otherwise indicate organizational endorsement.

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