Volunteer Opportunities

We need the island's best to volunteer for disaster response

When the big one hits, will you be able to help? In order to be truly helpful in an emergency you need training and you need a connection with our fire dept. VashonBePrepared is currently expanding the volunteer corps that staffs our island's CERT program, Emergency Operations Center, shelter/feeding and related functions, all in coordination with VIFR. There is no paycheck, but the rewards are great for those willing to support their community and serve in a disaster situation. Be it earthquake, widespread fire, plane crash or severe storm, we need you to be part of the solution.

VashonBePrepared is Recruiting!

Volunteer recruiter  -- A "people person" to help with recruitment and assimilation of new volunteers. Talk to potential new volunteers about opportunities; help them find a niche and job that is a good fit for them.

Here are a few older "Help Wanted" posters. Although of primarily historical interest now, they may serve as a useful model for future posters:

Red Cross Help Wanted
200K PDF file
Help Wanted EOC
200K PDF file
Road Flaggers Help Wanted
200K PDF file

Other Emergency Response Roles

Coordinators for Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams (NERO)

Assist our NERO manager recruit new NERO teams, strengthening existing ones, and helping neighborhoods and groups be prepared and self-sufficient in a disaster. Getting your own neighborhood started is as easy as arranging one gathering of neighbors. Find out more on our NERO page.

CERT Members (Community Emergency Response Team)
Equip yourself with skills to support your family, business or neighborhood, plus be a member of a light-duty response team to "staff" the island's satellite fire stations as command posts and assignment hubs for CERT teams. Also handle first aid, light rescue, etc. Annual  8-week, 40-hour class are taught on Vashon; involves 8 evenings (once/week) and a couple of weekend practice sessions. Lots of mentoring by experienced CERT members and our fabulous trainers, periodic in-service training and practice also required to keep your skills/knowledge current. This program is the model for all of Washington - well known and top notch. Contact CERT for further information or to sign up for the next course.
Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

Vashon-Maury Island Radio Club is a well respected, active ham radio club serving Vashon-Maury island. Their members, with a bit of additional training, form the ranks of the local Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). Find out more about them on our VMIRC page.

Mass Care & Sheltering
Several volunteers are needed to help set up and operate shelters and feeding operations under American Red Cross guidelines. Receive training in shelter/feeding criteria and operations procedures that the ARC uses nationwide.Find out more here.
Vashon Medical Reserve Corps (Vashon MRC)

Licensed medical personnel, EMT's, etc. are needed for emergency medical centers that may be established at VIFR's Penny Farcy training building or the Vashon Health Center in a disaster. Become a Medical Reserve Corps member, assuring proper liability coverage and per-arranged authority to serve.Find out about the Vashon MRC

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Jobs

Overview: Participate in planning, training and drills, plus provide good on-call service when the EOC is activated. Service shifts in an emergency can be long but are on a rotation with other volunteers. Terrific mentoring and training is provided monthly by our EOC managers and section leaders.


Collect information about status and needs of utility systems island-wide (electrical, natural gas, water, landline & cell phone systems, and sewer). Triage and post summary information for the Incident Commander and other EOC desks. Handle communications in/out with utility companies.


Gather information, opportunities and potential resources for the island - acting as a primary conduit for resource requests with King County Office of Emergency Management.


Collect, triage/sort and disseminate written messages in/out of various desks in EOC. Write succinct messages for transmission via radio and email.


Walk, drive or bike to deliver bulletins and information to key points in downtown Vashon and the outskirts of the island. Usually work in pairs; make field observations and give reports back to the Vashon Emergency Operations Center.

Emergent Volunteers

Greet the public and check in "emergent" volunteers (people who show up to offer help) in a disaster situation. Coordinate with the EOC to get work assignments for these volunteers.