For Our Spiritual Health

Vashon Community Care Team Help Line

(206) 701-0694: open from 8:00am-8:00pm daily

We understand that this pandemic may result in increased anxiety, depression, and stress due to feelings of isolation and uncertainty.

Please call for emotional, psychological, or spiritual support. Leave a message if we are unable to answer. We are here to help!

The Spiritual Resources Group (SRG) is a new arm of the Community Care Team. SRG is working with faith communities, poets, and others on the island to support the spiritual health of our community during this time of pandemic.

The Spiritual Resources Group recognizes that there are many spiritual communities on the island. Some are located in buildings. Others are less formal communities of belonging, meaning, care and celebration that may not consider themselves spiritual or religious, but do, in fact, feed the spirit.

In response to the pandemic, the Care of the Spirit Team (COST) is working alongside Mental Health counselors to offer free phone support to Vashon/Maury Island community members.

Islanders who feel drained in soul and spirit by the ongoing pandemic have a place to turn for free, confidential conversations with five island professionals with long histories in social work, ministry, family counseling, chaplaincy and dealing with grief and loss.

The term “spiritual” is intended in as broad a sense as possible. It is not limited to and does not assume belief or religion. Members of the Care Of The Spirit Team will respect and be guided by the perspectives, values, goals and experiences of the person seeking support. There will be no proselytizing or promoting of particular religious, spiritual, philosophical, moral, lifestyle, or other frameworks.

Care Of The Spirit Team are island neighbors recognized for cultivating their own spirituality and for gifts in compassionate listening. These volunteers are not to be considered as experts or authorities. The spiritual call line offers up to 3 one hour phone sessions and all conversations are confidential.

Supportive listening and reflection might be offered around:

  • Uncertainty
  • Purpose & self-worth
  • Hope
  • Despair
  • Belief/doubt/unbelief
  • Power & control
  • Imagination & creativity
  • Meaning
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Loss
  • Loneliness
  • Mystery
  • Soul & spirit
  • Spiritual practice, resources
  • Rule of life
  • Spiritual trauma & abuse
  • Suicidality
  • Death
  • Grief/bereavement
  • Funeral/celebrations of life

Voice of Vashon welcomes Carla Pryne and Tom Craighead, members of the Care of the Spirit Team, to Kate and Doug's Morning Scramble show - to learn more about services they offer the island community.

Vashon Communities Offering Virtual Spiritual Services

Bethel Church Vashon:

Check Facebook page and Bethel Church Vashon website for current schedule.

Burton Community Church:

Info at Contact to be added to email chain.

Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit:

Info at or call 206-567-4488

Puget Sound Zen Center:

Info at Puget Sound Zen Center.

Vashon Havurah:

Info at

Vashon Insight Meditation:

Vipassana Buddhist tradition. Email or check website

Vashon Island Community Church:

Info at Vashon Community Church.  Call 206-463-3940 or email

Vashon Presbyterian Church:

Info at Call 206-463-2010 or e-mail

Vashon Quaker Worship Group:

Email for current schedule

Vashon Unitarian Fellowship:

Info at or email   VashonUU Facebook group is also available.

Vashon United Methodist Church:

Info at Call 206-463-9804 or email